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JUDr. Miloslav Drbálek, attorney, the member of the Czech Bar Association, Prague, specialises in providing legal service to physical and legal entities, especially in the area of criminal law, commercial, civil, bankruptcy, insolvency, labour, administrative, intellectual property law and international trade law.

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About law office

When providing legal services the complex service is guaranteed. We co-operate with professionals from the connected specializations, in particular with Projection firm, EPC contractors, manufacturing corporation, assembly plants, installation company, notaries, accountants, tax advisors, patent representatives, executors, legal experts auctioneers and interpreters, estate agencies, as well as with language schools. This narrow co-operation enables to evaluate all aspects of a case and to propose the most suitable solution.

Pacta sunt servanda

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Pacta sunt servanda

The performance of legal services proceeds from experience, which has been gained in supplier – consumer relation during the power plant building and commissioning of the high power station EDĚ Elektrárna Dětmarovice 4x200 MW in 1977-1978. The performance of legal services proceeds from the long term experience, which has been gained since the graduation in the Faculty of Law in 1982, first of all in industrial companies as ( Přerov Machinery a.s.) and trading companies ( PZO Pragoinvest a.s. foreign trade organization) as well as ČKD Praha Kombinát at the export of investment units, complete industrial equipment for brick plant, rock crushing and screening house, cement plant to abroad due to companies of foreign trade and legal departments, moreover at local and municipal authorities since 1992 when providing legal activities and advocate services. When providing legal services the experience from connected areas is applied, for instance at the performance of trustee in bankruptcy, leader of bankruptcy assets, insolvency administrator and liquidator of different legal entities. Solicitor’s office gains sufficient knowledge at specialised trainings in the Czech Republic and at prestige foreign universities and specialised institutions Juridicum Universitaet Wien, Vienna, ETH Zurich, the Hague Institute for Private international law and EU law and other cities.

What are we engaged in?

Except providing the usual legal services for legal and physical entities our solicitor’s office can provide its professional knowledge and wide experience especially in those specialised legal areas:

• Statute law of trading companies
• Commercial law especially obligation law and unsettled debts
• Civil law, law to real estate and the right of user, real burden
• Law of property
• Labour law – administrative law
• Solving of suits and representation of a client in disputable, arbitration and insolvency procedure
• Criminal law
• The European law, the European law according to the regulation, the decision, the directives for example in connection to an agreements about commercial representation, European Society ( SE ), a formation of parents company, sub company on the territory of the EU
• The Energetics, the power engineering pursuant to key energetics acts, Euro energetics, an energetics legislation
• An agreement concerning access point to grid to distributor s electrical power network and a related documents


  • +420 602 113 359
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